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Bike Shop in Ho Chi Minh - Saigon - Vietnam
Saigon Bike Shop offers bike parts and accessories with different brands for touring bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes. Location at 457 Nguyen Canh Chan, Cau Kho Ward, Dist 1, HCM, Vietnam.

Bicycle Shop in Ho Chi Minh city
I needed to take my kid's bike back to the US. It was purchased here and the local shops don't have boxes as the do in the US. I called during a rainstorm and Mr. Van drove from his place in District one to our home in District 10 later that evening with a box, tools and tape and put it all together in a new airline regulation-style carton all for 400,000 VND (less than $18 USD). He was on time, polite, and very helpfully explained to the kid how to put it back together when we get it home.
This was after I spend three hours struggling in this sauna-like weather to try to make a box out of pieces of smaller boxes and not really knowing how to correctly disassemble the bike even after reading a few suggested methods on the internet. Sometimes, it just pays to ask someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you.
This doesn't really fit any of the ready-made categories. I have been living here for three years and I am moving back to the USA. this is a hard-to-find service in HCMC but many traveling bikers would appreciate using it.