New 2017 Giant MTBs, wheel size: 27.5 with hydraulic brake

Private vehicle to support your cycling trips on the whole

All our adventure cycling tours and classic bike tours have a full time support vehicles and a professional team. We use a variety of vehicles from small vans to larger seat coaster buses. We do not use big bus to support our guided tour because of narrow country back road and paths.

Our support vehicles and it's team has a very important roles. To support you on your ride as they are on hand with a phone-called. Keeping your luggage/ suitcases saved and delivered to the right accommodation to arrival of daily biking. Your big suitcases will go into luggage department. You should bring small packs and day bags onto the van/bus. All support vehicles have air-conditioner and always available/ standby and they have be used if you want a break OR love to ride on A/C van/bus when others in group continue bicycling.

This is how supported bike tours going on! Depends on how big group size is/ how many people in a group! 

A - Small group size: from 2 to 4 cyclists
We provide one A/C 16 seats Sprinter Mercedes/Ford Transit van will support the group. There plenty of space for more luggage. This support van gives you so much room and comfortable seats. One bike guide will be in charge of small group. 

B - Group size: from 5 to 6 cyclists
One A/C 16 seats Sprinter Mercedes/Ford Transit van will take up all cyclists and luggage and one small truck to carry all bikes. Our guided team have one bike guide and one mechanic to accommopany the group.

C- Group size: 7 to 10 cyclists
There will be 2 support vehicles. They are one minibus (24 seaters bus) to take up all cyclists, luggage and one truck to carry all bikes. A team to support the group are 2 bike guides

D- Group size: 11 – 16 cyclists
There will be 2 bike guides and one mechanic to accompany the group including vehicle support; one 29 seater minibus,  one truck to carry al bikes and one A/C van to support the group on entire trip.