Excellent trip, The guide was great with our children, keeping them motivated and interested. We met local people, tried many tropical fruits, learned about local culture, farming, etc...
It was very hot but the guide and driver were accommodating with water stop and when we decided to drive on A/C van in stead of cycle.

Our only thing is that we nerver managed to eat all the food we were served at lunch and dinner. Perhap it would be  better to have a child rate (lower rate) and provide less food at meals. We fell we wasted a lot of food.

The trip was really fun and interesting. We learned about ride and coconut factories and more...
Loc was great guide that stopped at places to show us fruits or people. When we did not have water, he would stop to more. The driver was nice and good. The routes were amazing. 13 - 14 - 15 April, 2015

Jean-Michel Lemieux family of 4 from Canada

It was an amazing trip with so much varity of things, places to see. The guides were very generous with offering their knowladges finding  alot of different things to do + we try the local fruits and foods

It wast great to get off the main roads to visit , experience the local people life.

We leant a lot about the Vietnamese culture, regions and it was great to be able to talk to local people.

It was truly rememberable trip and I would highly recomend it to others
Mar 31 - April 2, 2015

Fitzsimmons family of 5 from Australia

Hi Mr Van, Just want to thank you, Hue, A. Trung, and Chu Hoang for a memorable biking experience.  It was truly a special reason for me to tour the Mekong Delta.  I have been posting my journey on Face Book so my friends & family could follow me on my journey.  Please share this link with Mr Trung and driver, Mr Hoang.
Please use this link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Linhs-Ride-to-Make-a-Difference/4324148501...
I will be in Saigon until Tuesday morning so feel free to call A Minh's cell phone if you wish to contact me while I'm still here. I hope to find myself back in VN again soon so I can go on another biking adventure.
Saigon - Ben Tre - Tra Vinh - Soc Trang - Bac Lieu - Ca Mau - Rach Gia - Chau Doc - Saigon 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 -9 - 10 July 2012

Linh from Canada

Dear Miss Hue, we are back again in Germany and again very busy in our companies.We enjoyed very much your country and especially the bike-ride in the Mekong Delta. The tour was very interesting and we saw a lot. Mr. Trung was a very good guide and we could ask him everything. He has knowledge about almost everything, so we could ask a lot. Everything worked good, the paths we were riding were fascinating and the distances were not too hard. So we can recommend Vietnam Backroads. Especially the Ba Duc homestay, which Mr. Trung recommended, was very nice. Please say thank you to him. April, 2014

Anna Singer party from Germany

Very enjoyable tour with Dat with good vacation-boat-homestay, floating market + of course riding! Suggest you inform us to bring bike shorts + gloves or have available to purchase.

Also best if helmets are fitted us properly before we leave bike shop. Thank you very much Dat for our personal tour. We enjoyed yuor knowledge + the way you shareed with us. All the best with you carreer + family. Aplril 22 - 23 -24, 2015

Kim and Donna from Australia

Dear Ms Quang and Van (“The Man”),
This just a note to let you know much we enjoyed our tour, tour guide and driver.
From the first contact we had with Vietnam Backroads  (Ms Quang) we were impressed with the efficiency our tour was organized, questions answered and suggestions made. We found the bikes excellent, in good condition and performed without any problems. Accommodations for the three nights in question were very good.
We found the route varied, very interesting, off the beaten track and easy riding. The added attractions, floating market, river barge, temples visited and people we met all added to the overall experience. We can not say enough about our guide Thang and our driver whose Vietnam name meant “Strong” so of course we called him “Strongman” (with his permission) for our trip. Thang’s leadership was very much appreciated. He made a point of making sure we saw things, had experiences, visited out of the way places and generally was a great ambassador for his company and country. His interest in food meant that for 4 days we got to sample very different and authentic Vietnamese food which, on our own, we would never have had the opportunity to sample. 
Ms Quang we do have a couple of suggestions and although quite minor might help to make the tour even better. A more detailed map of the area the tour was to travel through including the towns/cities could e-mailed prior to the to departure of clients. Some form of carrier, either attached to the handlebars or under the seat would be helpful and useful.
More comfortable seats for women who do not necessarily ride a lot and might be a little older.
Feel free to use any or all of this e-mail in your advertising should you wish. As long as I can convince others my wife and I would like to return with a larger group. We shall see.
Thanks once again for a great experience. 4 - 7 Feb, 2015
Please pass this on to the “Strongman” and Thang.

Tony and Kaz Dufficy from Canada

Very enjoyable and good to see places that there were not many tourists. Mekong People are very friendly and welcoming. Loc shared us so many things and life interesting ways of Mekong Delta and its people. Thank you for a great trip!. 12- 13 - 14 Jan, 2015

Rowan Jessie and Jennifer Rachel Warren from

We enjoyed our tour very much. Our guide was very informative, we enjoyed stopping to look at scenery, fruit trees and see people making things. We loved tasting many fruits and foods. We liked the boat ride to floating markets. We appreciated the flexibility in the biking. 26 - 27 -28 Dec, 2015

Samantha family of 5 from US

We really enjoyed out tour especially the combination of small trails + small roads. Thang introduced us to a lot of different foods which was great. He was a fantastic guide, explaining the sights, local customs and culture and anything we wanted to know. 

The bikes are much better than on a tour with a different company.
Overall, Great experience.  
1 - 2 - -3 Jan 2015

Fiona Naayen Family of 4 from Australia

It was so great and much better than I could ever imagine. There were interesting stories and knowledgeable of Vietnam shared by our guide Thang. It was a fabolous, trip but is was a little expensive. But we would like to go again when we saved enough money. I enjoyed stopping with local people having a good laugh! The food was deliious all the time, it felt like we were on a food tour not only a biking tour but on the second day we were very hungry when we came to the lunch stop. So maybe an extra snack if it takes long way before lunch. Check if the guest are hungry.

In general, we really enjoyed this trip a lot and will share this as a memory for a long time. I was a little nervous before since I did not know how if all would work out, but our guide was with us all the time and the stops we made a long the way were all very interesting. Especially to get to know more about local production of rice and see the fields of rice in different stages. I also liked when we stopped to talk to all different women working with crafts along the paths! Great times!

The different website:
- Mekongbiketours.com and webpages which all lead to the same company was very confusing in the beginning. Not only confusing, you get a bit suspicious actually. And when the email about payment came from a totally new person and domain name than the one we have had contact with. We almost thought that there was something wrong. But it all works out then! Maybe you can get PayPal-account or safe payment over the web with credit card?

All the best. 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 Dec 2014

Ylva Werlinder party from Sweden

Thang and Loi was fantastic and it was wonderful to see so much of the rural area that we never would have been able to see on our own. Thang was knowledgeable and kind and funny and answered all of our questions, and he took extra time to show us more based on our interests. I would love to come back and do it again.
A thoroughly enjoyable tour. Thang were an excellent guide. Very friendly, informative and helpful. Loi, our driver was an excellent. One suggestion- A local map showing the town and village on the tour would help.
The home-stay was beautiful. We were looked after very well. I highly recomend this tour. 26-27 Dec 2014

Sarah Kolb Williams family from United State

Really enjoyed 4 day trip on the back roads. Cycle distances were great and we had plenty of stop. Dat is an excellent guide, very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. It been a great way to see some of south Vietnam. Loved the network of paths through the villages. We would never have seen that without Vietnam Backroads.
The hotels were very good.
The bikes were excellent.
Thank you. 8-  9 - 10 -11 Jan 2015

Lee Howarth from UK

We have had a very good day. Our guide has been friendly, informative and tailored the trip to suit us. His English and knowledge of the area has allowed us to see and understand rural Vietnam which we would not have managed alone. Thank you and will recommend Vietnam Backroads to our friends and on the internet to Trip Advisor and Lonely planet. 6 Jan, 2015

Julie party from US

Very professional and well-organised with great support crew- A true Vietnamese experience. Loc was excellent!!! Will recommend to others. 4-5- -6 -7 Jan 2015

Linda Earle family of 4, from Australia

It was fantastic experience for my 2 boys and myself. Dat we could not rate more highly. He was very engaging and very informative on the Vietnam history. That we were traveling through. The fruit stop we all enjoyed. We would highly recommend Vietnam Backroads Bicycle Tours. The bikes we could not fault nor the hotels. However, I would strongly state that our fantastic experience came about through our excellent guide Dat. This attention to hygiene was brilliant.  We wish Dat and your company all the very best for a successful future.
Don, Ben, same Robinson 21 - 22- -23 - 24 Dec, 2014

Don Robinson family from Australia.

This tour was much better than I thought it will be. Variations of the culture interest was good. Dat cycle so much I have common so I was a bit anxious for the distance of the tour, but it was no problem. Mostly because of the bikes. It would have been good if there was a recommendation for padded short for longer trips in the confirmation e-mail. Now we did not think about buying them until it was too late. I really enjoyed this trip and will give a great review on Trip Advisor. 2 - 5 Jan 2015

Karl Gustafsson party of 5 from Sweden

Great all around experience beyond just the cycling. We were also having a great culture experience with the Vietnamese cruise and very interesting about the way of life for the people of the country and also the country history. Our guide was amazing. Thang was very accommodating . We would always happy and having a good time. Would highly recommend Vietnam Backroads Bicycle Tours. 19 -21 Jan, 2015


Doug Comille party of 5 from United State

We enjoyed the tour very much and we enjoyed riding a lot. As we were only a group of friends, the trip was very flexible. It would have been cheaperwith more participants. Dat knew alot to tell, This was great! We have an excellent dinner!! We love all the fruits!. A little disappoited about the floating market. I expected there would be much more boats selling their staff. Good mix between cycling and showing things, like rice fabric etc.
It was very nice. Excellent guide with a lot of knowledge about the country. It was nice to eat places where the locals go for their lunchs well. Really good food! 1-2 Jan, 2015

MichËle Hess party from Switzerland

We did a 2 day cycling tour of back roads in the Mekong. Our guide, Nghi, was incredibly friendly and helpful. He tailored the tour to what we wanted to see and do, and also how far we wanted to ride. Riding along tiny back roads really got us in touch with local life in the Mekong the routes we took were interesting and diverse, and we got to see local farms, schools and villages. The food was excellent! We loved eating at little local places that the locals also ate at. The bikes were great and our driver was also really helpful and ready to pick us up and whisk us off to the next destination. The homestay where we stayed overnight was also very peaceful and relaxing. I couldn't recommend this trip more. Thank you for providing such and excellent service, and being so helpful with the booking process.
Kind regards,

Rose Chesworth, PhD Candidate
Addiction Neuroscience Laboratory
Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
Cnr Genetics Ln & Royal Pde.

Rose party from Australia

I have the backroads. Wom, much better than I expected. Best tour ever- Dat is excellent and we were looked after perfectly. Dat is the best guide I have seen

Recommend cycling early in the morning- the heat is very bad in the middle of the day. Frozen water in bottlles might be good to help with the heat.

Hotels should serve espresso coffee.

- excellent guide, so friendly, so helpful
- smiling, cheerful, happy driver
- great bikes
- Viet Cong boat trip, crocodile farm
- scenery is superb
- amazing routes

Note: in Australia everyone say "do not eat the fish from the Mekong Delta" They are concerned that the waterways are not clear and contain human waste. Perhaps you could check this and if the fish are ok, then explain to tourists that no one has got sick. Fish is ok etc. One of four of us got sick this tour- that is not too bad.Maybe the fish is ok! April 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 -23, 2014

Sarah Thornton party from Austraila