We named our tour " HELLO 2 weddings and a funeral"

Our cycling trip from Ho Chi Minh City To Phnom Penh was an experience my partner and myself will cherish for the rest of our lives. We were blessed and most fortunate to have had Loc as our guide. The love and passion he has for Vietnam, its food, its people and their culture opened our hearts and enabled us to experience a country like never before. This young man of 25 years of age had us captivated the whole trip with his humble compassionate heart.

We were stopped on our path and invited in to 2 weddings on the same day. Both involved doing countless shots of rice wine and food being handed to you from every direction. We were overwhelmed by their generosity, their interest in us but most of all by their acceptance and love.

We also were invited to join a large group who for every year for a generation celebrate the passing of a loved one. Well this involved pretty much the same as the weddings, rice wine shots, food and packed you up with mangoes or coco nuts to take with you.

For a country that has a lot to see like Halong Bay, Sapa, Cu Chi tunnels, Hoi An, Danang ......................... we did the tourist rout. The four days riding thru those remote villages with Loc is what we remember as the real Vietnam. Nov 28- Dec 2, 2014

Kind Regards,

Michael Russo

Michael Russo party from Australia

I had a really good time by bicycling for 3 days with Vietnam Backroads. I enjoyed watching people living in villages and greeting them, especially kids....
It would be nice if we could choose the food for breakfast, lunch, dinner with our guide and have them with him. I wanted to eat breakfast and dinner at local restaurants, markets, not in hotels. 
Thank you so much for your wonderful guide and I appreciated everything. A-ri-ga-to. Sep 16, 2014

Ayako Koike party from Japan

Dat was an exceptional guide in along way- he is knowlegeable, sensitive, respectful and supportime. The bike trip was meaningful on many levels and we did not want to end. The routes were well-organizedand the timing of biking breaks and boat tours were just right. Dat is a talented and special person who should be given every chance to move forward in his career. We will recommed Vietnam Backroads to everyone and hope to return one day for another tour. Many thanks. Oct 13, 2014

Judy Kottick family from US

Hi Van,
We had a great trip - our guide Thang was great,  everything went like clockwork  - we did a lot of eating of all sorts  of food we never would have tried on our own or known what to order as we told Thang we were interested in trying foods, he introduced us to iced coffee and we had one or two every day. The bikes were good, minivan driver excellent and as we expected our bums a little sore at end of day 3 but what we expected.
Our three days were excellent but I strongly suggest  you change the last night hotel. I tell you this as I also own my own business and feedback is important - I strongly think you need to change the hotel. We will write  good report on trip adviser and will recommend you to others as we did not see another westerner on the days we were on the bike as you promised. 16 Jan 2012

Anne and Terry from Australia

This was indeed a very unique experience I always felt safe and Dat looked after us very well. Thanks to Dat, I learned a lot about culture, politics, food, way of life in Vietnam.
Thank again for taking us on back roads to see, experience the real Vietnam. Oct 18, 2014

Mike Kestermann from Germany

Dear Mekong Bike Tours' team
I wanted to thank you for arranging the most wonderful bike trip for me and my son, Ian.  It was exactly what we had hoped for - beautiful scenery, great food, wonderful people, manageable biking and the best guide ever.  It was a very meaningful trip for us, for many reasons, all enhanced by Dat’s wise and spiritual guidance.  We were not ready for the trip to end.  Thank you also for helping us arrange transportation to the Wild Gibbon Tour, which was quite an adventure.

Many thanks,

Judith Lee Kottick' family from US

We had an excellent two days cycling. Dat was very informative & helpful. The distance we travelled were perfect- not too little + not too long. We feel very privileged to have the opportunity to see so much of the Vietnamese countryside on this trip. On a bike we could appreciate so much more detail- the sounds +the smell etc. Overall this was a fantastic trip. 03.09.2014

Jay Chapman from New Zealand

Hi Van,
We had a wonderful tour filled with really good cycle guide Dat who  was very helpful, friendly and full of an excellent knowledge and great recommendations for any and all our needs. Thank you to Miss Quang who was very helpful when we organise the booking and also thank to our driver and all the team from Vietnam Backroads.
we will recommend your company and will post a good review on Trip Advisor as well. 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 June 2014

David Frot from France

Hi van,
This was such an incredible experience, I'm so happy we chose Vietnam Backroads Bicycle Tours. I contacted your company because of reviews on Trip Advisor and after emailing 5 - 10 different cycling tour companies. I chose Vietnam Backroads because of the exceptional customer services and dedicated attention of Quang - she is an asset to your business ! We have now finished the tour and we ave been extremely impressed by the quality & professionalism of your team. Dat is every knowledgeable and enacted . Nothing is too much trouble for him and he is a patient teacher-i'm a new cyclist still learning how to manage a bike and he has been very helpful! Cuong was very professional & friendly & always on time. I can not say enough about this this experience an d will recommend your services to friends and write a review on Trip Advisor of course! June 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23, 2014

Laura Maya from Australia

Hi Mekong Bike Tours,

Dat- the guide and Toan- the driver were fantastic! They really made us enjoy our time. Dat was incredibly knowledgeable and took great care of us. The only problem was the trip went too fast!
Thank you for the trip of life time. We won't forget this experience any time soon.

Jeremy_ May 1, 2014


Jeremy Donald Hess from United States

Hi Van,
Wow, what can I say? Excellent!!!
The absolute highlight of my Vietnam trip
Fantastic way to see the country
Thang was awesome- so nice and  accomodating
April 18, 2014

Nicole Floyd from Australia

Dat was very professional, helpful, friendly, prepared . He was fantastic. I ppreciated his explanations. He was knowlegeable about the land + culture
The lunch on the first day was excellent. Hotel was excellent.
I really enjoyed the trip to floating market.
Mr. Huy was an excellent driver and helpful with equipment.

In the future, should make sure the back- up equipment is good. This time, when we had a flat tire, the spare was unusable.

Bernie Brass_26 April, 2014


Bernie Brass from The Sates

Hi Mekong Bike Tours,
Recommend cycling early in the morning- the heat is very bad in the middle of the day. Frozen water in bottles might be good to help with the heat.
Hotels should serve espresso coffee
I love the backroads. Wow, much better than I expected
- Excellent guide, so friendly, so helpful
- Smiling, cheerful, happy driver
- Great bikes
- Viet Cong boat trip, crocodile farm
- Scenery is superb
.......Sarah Thornton from Australia
Best tour ever. Dat is excellent and we were looked after perfectly
We also love the drive hugely. He was very good
Dat is the best guide I have seen
I love the tour
Thank you so much
Dean Thornton from New Zealand
Great bicycle tour and our guide was excellent
Ashley and Lynn Lindon from Australia

The Lindon and Thorton from Australia and New Zealand

Hello there,
We are both back home and into our normal work routines - our two weeks holiday flew by.

The whole trip was very enjoyable, well organised and we would certainly recommend it.  The two parts (Vietnam & Cambodia) were very different with the Mekong Delta providing the most rewarding part of the trip for me. The Cambodia part had some challenges but overall was still good.

In Vietnam, Dat was a superb guide and riding with him was a great experience.  He was enthusiastic and made a special effort to explain to us what we were looking at, helped us to engage with the local people and also found us a huge selection of fruit and snacks to try.  I felt that he genuinely wanted to give us the best tour that he could and to show us as much as he could.  He balanced his time between Tamar and us well and kept us all happy.

The hotels were all OK – the Chau Doc Hotel was spectacular and (for us) it would have been good to have arrived a little earlier so that we could use the swimming pool and facilities.

The only part of the Vietnam tour that we didn’t enjoy was the visit to the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields memorial.  It is a painful and difficult topic and I understand why it was included but the town and the van ride to Ba Chuc was rather depressing and I would rather have spent the time doing another activity in the area.  There is a much better memorial and museum just outside Phnom Penh and I suggest including this as part of the Cambodian trip instead.

In Cambodia, our guide Chek was very focused on leading us from place to place – sometimes at a faster pace than we really wanted (I have a lot less photos from this part of the trip !).  He was always polite but we both got the impression that he was less interested in showing us Cambodia and more interested in getting the kilometres completed.  The van driver (Jon) seemed a lot more fun but unfortunately only had very limited English.  There were still great moments such as the picnic under the sugar palms and the (unplanned?) visit to a pottery village at Kampong Chhang which were both real highlights.

The boat trip across Tonle Sap was cancelled which apparently happens every dry season.  We therefore had to spend 7 hours in the van driving the route instead – this was not a very good day and I strongly suggest that this part of the Cambodian trip is revisited during the dry season.  After we found out that there was no boat trip we suggested that we could visit a floating village from Siem Reap.  Chek checked with his office and arranged the trip but I am sure with a little more advance planning we could have had an even better day and visited some more out of the way places.

Siem Reap is more of a tourist super highway than a back road so the end of the trip was very different to the start.  The temples at Angkor are superb and Siem Reap has a very lively ‘backpacker’ nightlife which was good fun and it was a good way to finish.

On a more serious note, Chek unfortunately had an accident towards the end of our first day in Siem Reap and had to have 6 stitches in his knee so he could not ride. I am very pleased to say that we saw him again on the last day and he was making a good recovery. 

The loss of our guide was handled very professionally.  Chek found an alternate guide (Chouy) who was very good and made our next day visiting the temples very enjoyable - even if he was a bit shaky and slow on his bike at times. 

Our hotels in Cambodia were all fine without being great.

I hope that this feedback is useful and feel free to ask for more details.

We both hope that we can find a way to come back visit you all again soon. April 2, 2014


Nick and Jonathan

Nick and Jonathan from Canada

A great trip, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dat was an excellent guide, very good English and a tremendous amount of knowledge.

Very flexible and inventive routes

This was a fantastic trip, not to be forgotten.

Jonathan Toll from Canada_ April 2, 2014

Each day was different- lots to see.

Nick Toll from Australia_ April 2, 2014


Nick and Jonathan Toll

For a most terrific tour everything was wonderful - your staff, the tour itself, the price, the way everything runs so smoothly.... i can go on and on. i've been to vietnam twice before but this was the best thing (not counting the food in hoi an) i've experienced. Dat was absolutely amazing - as was, Ms. Quang and of course, you! gun (spelling?) is a very competent driver although the quiet type who seems to like to keep to himself. but! when he was needed, he was there. the food was more than enough -- and some of it was quite a treat when we stopped to rest, and the hotels were very good. so thank you to everyone. please tell Dat that i will forward a few photographs to him, via you, in the next few days if i can.
thank you for everything, yet again!!!. --tamar 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 April 2014

Tamar Granovsky from the US

I have had an amazing time on tis trip and has easily been the most enjoyable part of our holiday so far.

Our guide- Thang is incredible. His knowledge has taught us so much about Vietnam and the way he tailored the tour so that we weren't around lots of tourists which makes it even better. We really want to see the real Vietnam and Thang showed us that.

The restaurant on the first night wasn't great though, a little too touristy for us but it might be perfect for others.

Thank you so much for organizing this trip. We've really had a great time!

Aaron Childs from Britain_26/2/2014

Hi Vietnam Backroads,

Thang was a really excellent guide who has great knowledge and passion about his country. I feel as if I know much more about Vietnam.

The food was a particular highlight as we stopped at many local places and samled a great range of food. The hotel on the first night was fine. Then dinner on the first night was ok, but I think we preferred the food from the market Thang showed us.

This has been a really wonderful tour, and I will definitely be recommending it! Thank you.

Sam Ellis from Britain_26/2/2014

I took my 13 year old daughter on the trip, and she is not confident cyclist. Van took wonderful care of her, and after the first hour, I was not worried at all. The guides could not have been kinder or more helpful, answering our questions and telling us about the history and culture of Vietnam. It was a fantastic experience. 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 Feb 2012


Hi Van, Thank you for the trip - it was a real highlight of our stay in Vietnam. I posted review on Tripadvisor. We really enjoyed the trip immensly.

I was thinking of what to do during 4 days around Tet (Vietnamese New Year) in Saigon and then found the vietnambackroads.com website. The Mekong delta tour - Ben Tre - Tra Vinh - Soc Trang - Can Tho, 4 days, 3 nights. Van offered us to run that trip despite Tet holidays, when everyone takes time off with family.

So Van himself was our guide (we were just with another English guy) on that most unforgettable experience. Van's knowledge of the area, his ability to select lovely by-roads, and tracks, tell stories about the places we visit and local customs, and care he took of us as customer was really a key success factor.

This is THE way to see Delta - you pass different landscapes (coconut region of Ben Tre, Tra Vinh rice fields, Khmer villages near Soc Trang, channels near Can Tho) and beautiful places where white guests are still a novelty. Delta people are very friendly and helpful, fruits fresh and very tasty and whole experience is almost surreal.

Mekong Delta in the spring is immensly beautiful and interesting.

Trip is organized extremely professionally, with back up vehicle that takes all you stuff and also takes you on boring (i.e. very busy roads) streches, bikes new and durable, everything ready when we arrive. We stayed in hotels - and all except Soc Trang were located very well and good quality. Van arranged food (everything except for beer is included in price) - and his choice of restaurants was very interesting, though I would probably prefer more street food.

It was my first that close experience with Vietnam - and for me close to trip of my lifetime. Not cheap (we paid premium because of Tet holidays), but worth every cent spent. I definitely recommend Vietnam Backroads, the way to taste real Asia. Feb 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 2014

Jakub Bielikowski party from Poland - jakub.bielikowski@gmail.com