Hello Mr Van the man

I sent yesterday our note on  Trip Advisor ( excellent of course ). I wrote it in French so that it may bring new bikers from french countries. It also is easier for us to express our deepest gratitude in French. So many moments filled with peacefullness and beauty are now part of our memory. Thank you for joining us those two days. Your sharp awareness for details made the journey a little more special.

 We are now planning a short stretch to Phnom Penh, as you know. Thanks to Ms Quang for the arrangment. By the way, we think she would be a great guide!!!

May Vietnambackroads lead you into your furthest dreams, best regards Feb 6th-10th 2014

Isabelle et Claude

Envoyé de mon iPad

Isabelle et Claude from France - georges007@me.com

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know we had a fantastic time on our recent cycle tour of the Mekong Delta region with Vietnam Backroads. Both you & Dat were fantastic guides and made the trip a memorable one.
We are more than happy to blog our experience / feedback on your web site and that of LonelyPlanet and TripAdvisor in the coming weeks.
We would have no hesitation in recommending your company to other travelers or travelling with you again in the future. In fact we are already contemplating returning next Jan with our teenage daughters.
Thanks also for providing the Backroads cycle jerseys and shorts. We had intended to pay for them as a souvenir of the trip, we didn't expect them for free. You are very kind. We will wear them regularly at home and take every opportunity to promote your company to others considering a cycle tour in Vietnam. 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 Jan 2014
 Yours sincerely,
Lisa & Peter

Lisa & Peter "theoggies" <theoggies@bigpond.com>

I loved every minute.
The tour was flexible to our preference.
Lunches & dinners a bit too big but fruit was wonderful.
I think advice to bring cycling parts would be good.
Andrew Watson_ January 8, 2014

I enjoyed Dat's choice of snacks. I got to try lots of things I hadn't eaten before.
Harry Jones_ January 8, 2014


Harry Jones & Andrew Watson from Britain <mrsmmiggins@yahoo.com>

The trip was excellent. We enjoyed every part of it. In particular, Thang was outstanding- he was a pleasure to be around & was very knowledgeable & went at of his way to make our trip more interesting. The food was excellent & we tried so many different things thanks to Thang.

The dinner was excellent. The only recommendation to avoid to the fancy restaurant in Can Tho- It was too touristy & the food was dull & not Vietnamese- our worst meal in the country so far.

We felt like Kings & Queens on the trip!!

Thanks so much!!

December 22, 2013

James Brown & Julia Goedecke from South Africa <Jamesbrown06@gmail.com & Julia.goedecke71@gmail.com>

Our trip was a great journey and the best way to see the people and their lives in the Mekong Delta.

My only complaint was the bed in the hotel, room first night. It was too hard

Everything else was exceptional.

Malcolm Campbell from Australia

A wonderful insight into the real Mekong Delta. We thoroughly enjoyed this experience and will recommend it to others.

Thank you Thang for your time and your interest in showing us these beautiful people, amazing scenery and exceptional food.

January 5, 2014

Susan Campbell from Australia <Sue@sagehort.com.au>

Thang was an excellent guide! Fun accommodating, very considerate and hospitable. We had a great time exploring the Mekong Delta and learning a bit about the region.

December 27, 2013

Sahar Banijamali from The States < Sasilbovitz@gmail.com>

Very good tour. would recommend some tuition on riding over bridge + road awareness a bit especially for novice riders. I would never have done this on my own so very happy I did.

December 27, 2013

Paul Millard from Britain <Paul.Millard@barnet.gov.uk>

Dear Van,

Good combination of physical extension, interesting combination of cultural exposure & experiences, great food, excellent guide and bikes.

We will recommend your services to others.

Feel free to send me trip tour updates as you created more tour packages in future.

December 22, 2013

Fred Haering from New Zealand

Thanks to Dat- our tour guide, we had more than just a backroad cycle- this was a full cultural tour including local food & I have life threatening peanut allergies and he guided me with what to eat and made sure I was ok. Great scenery, lots of flexibility to stop when we wanted to take pitures. Dat was able to explain so much to us about the way of life for Vietnamese people, rice growing, weddings, furerals, etc, all the things we saw along the way.

Thanks for an amazing memory.

December 22, 2013

Joanne George from New Zealand

Hi Vietnam Backroads,

Thanks, this was amazing. I will rave about it. Now we have done the best bike trip in the world we can retire! Great variety of scenery.

December 22, 2013

Walter Shepherd from Australia


Hey guys- here is my review of the trip, please feel free to publish it on your website. I'll also be sure to publish it on tripadvisor.com and anywhere else that might be helpful to you. Here it is-

'My wife and I chose the 5 day tour across the Mekong Delta. We had hoped to get to know the 'real Vietnam' and knew that by cycling, we had a good chance of getting to more out of reach places. My expectations were already high for the tour but somehow it managed to far exceed those expectations in what turned out to be a journey we'll remember for the rest of our lives.

Firstly, I need to assure whoever may be reading this that Vietnam Backroads as a company is one of a kind. Van pioneered this way of exploring the delta and his routing is just perfect, balancing every aspect of country life day by day with a journey that slowly but surely continues to surprise the rider. Trustworthy and professional, have no doubts about booking a tour with them.

Further to this, it is well worth mentioning that the 'service' elements to the trip are also excellent. My wife and I had our own air conditioned support vehicle, standing by and transferring luggage and supplies out of sight but only ever a short ride away. We also had the luxury of having all minor costs including ferry fares, fruit, lunch, dinner and hotels completely taken care of, something that allowed us to completely relax and fully absorb the experience.

Whilst on the bikes we had expert knowledge at our disposal from our wonderful guide Loc, who would always let us decide how far we'd like to go that day, customising the experience to suit both me (a regular rider) and my wife (someone who only rides occasionally). The pace was never dictated and photos or stops were always accommodated. The paths were usually completely car free and the flat delta made for very smooth riding.

The experience took in more than just cycling too... we were taken on private boats to floating markets, explored mangroves and discovered Temples and history of all kinds along the way. Meeting the wonderful people is something i'll never forget, they are naturally joyful and are openly kind wherever you happen to stop. I can still hear the kids running out to yell 'Hello!' wherever we went!

The Hotels were great, naturally some were better than others but only ever where the city or town didn't accommodate as many tourists- a minor cost well worth paying in exchange for the adventure of straying from the beaten track.

In summary, we had an amazing time. We ate multiple courses of wonderful food, were expertly guided wherever we went, saw places I'd never have imagined and had every comfort taken care of in a land where we were greeted with smiles and hospitality from everyone we passed by.

If you are considering a trip and are not sure, just book it. You won't regret it, and whilst I am certain that all the guides are great, be sure to request 'Loc' for your trip, his kindness, knowledge and service go far beyond any guide that I have ever experienced. Book now before the secret is out!'

Adam and Jeanne. December 4, 2013.

Adam Harrison From Britain

Hi Van,

Unbelievable trip!
My girlfriend and I were fortunate enough to take a 3-night, 4 day tour of the Mekong Delta with Vietnam Backroads and had an amazing time.

From our first initial enquiry to the moment we were dropped back at our hotel, we were dealt with promptly and professionally.

During our trip we cycled from village to village along the Mekong Delta, getting a taste of local provincial life, eating great food and meeting some amazing people along the way. During this trip we experienced a number of different sides of this region, such the fruit growing areas (stopping off to meet the farmers while they worked and sample their goods), the scenic rice fields of the Khmer people and finally the canal districts.

Our guide Thang, was an absolute machine, taking care of all meals, providing cycling coaching when needed and by simply making things happen (including when a usual river taxi was unavailable, he arranged for a local coconut farmer into taking us across the river in his stocked coconut boat – which was pretty unique experience). Thang was full of information and always keen to educate us on the Vietnamese way of life and give us every opportunity to experience it – a genuinely great guy and a pleasure to spend our time with.

This trip was an absolutely amazing experience – from the incredible scenery each day, the opportunity to experience culture and also experience number of things we thought we never would have (such as buying fruit and coffee from local sellers in the floating markets, watching the sunset from the top of a Mekong river taxi, and eating some pretty exotic food) to the countless kids running out of their village houses to shout and wave “hello” and wave as we rode past – truly unforgettable
I can’t recommend Vietnam Backroads highly enough – for my girlfriend and I this was a very different and unique way to see Vietnam, and experience its culture from the very heart of it. We had an amazing time!

Thanks Ms. Hue & Thang for an incredible experience.

Shaun Hutcheson. December 9, 2013.


Shaun Hutcheson and Karen Rigoroso - <shaun.hutchinson@team.telstra.com>

Really enjoyed the bicycle tour
Was nice riding through all the villages
The homestay we stayed at was lovely
Tour guide was attentive and knowledgeable

All in all an excellent tour!
Thank you!

December 11th, 2013

Jamie & Shawn McDonough From Australia

Great to see local villages. Can see a lot more on a bike than on a bus. The boat trip was great too. Our guide was very friendly and helpful. We will recommend this trip to others. It was very worthwhile and a highlight of our trip.

The homestay was lovely as were the places we had lunch and rest stops.

December 11th, 2013

Deborah McDonough's Party from Australia <deborah.mcdonough@education.tas.gov.au>

Thang is the best guide- very patient, knowledgeable and awesome. The bikes & routes are great. We've learned so many things about Vietnam. We've also done so many firsts ( boat rides , our bikes, eating rice mice, etc). Such an amazing tour. We'll definitely recommend it to friends.

We had a wonderful time. December 4th, 2013.

Karen Rigoroso's Party From Philippines < Karen.rigoroso@team.telstra.com>

If you have a sense of adventure than I would not hesitate to combine interests of sight-seeing with cycling on and off roads. The trip was made more memorable by the knowledgeable guide and friendships formed along the way.

I would recommend the tours highly and plan to do another before I head back home.

Thanks, goes out to Anh Thang, Anh Van, and Michael guys.

Tri Pham, December 4th, 2013

Tri Pham From Australia

Hi Van

I will send through the valuation form, very tired but wanted to send you a quick note to say how happy we all were with the trip.  You and your staff did an amazing job organising our cycling over 3 countries, 3 languages and all worked efficiently.
Everyone had such a good time and I am sure I will get a few more to come back next year. Cycling Mekong Delta Vietnam Cycling Cambodia

Thank you again, will be in touch. November 10, 2013


Leonie's group of 15 from Australia - "Leonie Shepstone" <leonie@beatmedical.com>

Hi Vietnam Backroads team,
As we are budget travellers this trip was a big cost for us but we had an excellent time so very glad we did it. We were never pressured in tipping or buying things and snacks/drinks were provided whenever we felt like it which was a good touch. Guide was great fun and made the trip more enjoyable. Dinner was also very good.

Very friendly guide. The journey was just challenging. Minivan' diver always providing enough water, snacks. The trip to experience the Mekong Delta was very accommodating to our needs. Ms Quang in the office in Saigon was so nice and helpful too.

Thomas Naisby and Rebecca O'Rourke <rorourke14@gmail.com>

Hi Vietnam Backroads team,

This was a wonderful experience which enabled us to see Vietnam in a way we never could have alone.
Dat was an intelligent, diligent, caring, truly fantastic guide.
Thank you thank you thank you!
Natalie Whitty,

Thank you for a fantastic trip. Dat an Cuong looked after us both very well and I feel like I have seen a lot of Vietnam that would not have been accessible to me otherwise.
I will certainly recommend Vietnam Backroads to my friends. Dat has been a excellent host throughout.
Thank you and I hope to come back soon! Nov 1st - 5th, 2013
Julian Hichin,

Natalie Whitty family from UK <natalieclairewhitty@googlemail.com>